Blood on the Dancefloor - Stencil Making-Of

Blood on the Dancefloor Stencil - Final
This Stencil is using three colours/ layers. Hence you need three different cut-outs. Mine look like this:
Blood (red)blood Robot shape (something dark)robot Highlights (something light)hightlights
You can download high-res versions here: [1], [2], [3], [All]. Or download the vector shapes.
Print all three shape on different pieces of paper and make sure that they are printed in the same size. The squares in the corner are for aligning the cut outs when you spray. Then glue the paper on a cardboard. You have to find a compromise between strong cardboard difficult to cut) and thin carboard (might become wavey when wet). 3M Sprayglue works best. There is special stencil paper as well (”Ezi-cut”) but for trying, carboard will do. I found magazine covers are quite good. For the actual cutting i recommend a scalpel, for rougher stencils or straight lines you could use scissors or a carpetknife. Craft shops sell them. scalpel Here are my cutouts - third try. red dark light
Once you have cut your stencil out most of the work is done. All you have to do afterwards is just spray it somewhere, spray the background the color you want before you start! Of course the bottom color has to be sprayed first (blood), then the robot body and then the highlights. It might takesome time before the paint has dry and you can apply the next layer, about 30min i would say. I sprayed mine on some paper to start and layed the thing on the floor so the color isn’t running down. You might want to wear some gloves to keep your stencil straight on the ground so you get no underspray, sometimes though a scene might benefit from technical imperfections. If you plan to put a stencil on the street, the play of image and architecture is what makes it interesting, can give it meaning or make it special.
Good luck!


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