Fusionatics - Making Of
I have always been facinated by fluid shapes, splashes and Terminator 2 style mercury. However, digitally creating such organic geometry is a nightmare. Computers are designed to create tidy rectangular and edgy shapes. There are now a great number of plugins to create fluid shapes. There weren't when i made this image. The image's codename during the creation process was "TripleBlob".
I started with a prisma, and extruded the three sides until my object looked like this:

and like this when slightly smoothed:

Then i set up the camera and rendered the object with different materials applied and also its alpha channels...
For the background i set up a few objects that created reflections from the tripleblob.

I then combined my renderings in PS, this is the layer stack:

The aim of the photoshop post render compositing is to use the best properties of each rendered material.
I was undecided about the final color scheme, so i set up a table with several possibilities: